GSS340M discontinued

February 2004

Walbro announced they are no longer making or selling the GSS340M fuel pumps [high-pressure 255 ltr/hr].   That is the pump APE used in their FPG003 kits.

Have no fear.   Walbro introduced a new pump and installation bag-o-bits for the GM applications.   The pump has the inlet offset a bit to more closely match most of the GM pumps.   We are not changing the FPG003 part number, since the pump internals are unchanged... just the pump inlet.   Check out this page for details

The GSS307M, and GSS242M are dead, as well as the 400-835 installation bag-o-bits   The kits we call FPG001 and FPG002 will now contain the GSS242 and GSS307 [note, no 'M'], along with the Grand National installation bag-o-bits.

Walbro will continue to make the GSS340 pump that is in the FPC003 [Mini MOPAR], FPF003 [Mustang], FPF018 [SHO], FPF012 [T-bird SC], FPF021 [T-bird TurboCoupe], and the Escort kits.

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since 21 Feb 2004