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Since 1997, APE has been THE place to find a Walbro fuel pump!

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November 2008

Walbro engineering has resolved the F20000169 fuel pump problem.   We have a supply of the new F20000169 pumps in stock.

October 2008

Walbro engineering has discovered the problem with the F20000169 fuel pumps.   They are getting the parts to fix the problem.   The warehouse should have the pumps by the middle of November.   Then, they'll have to ship them to the distributors.   We should get more of those pumps by the end of November.

All F20000169 pumps that are returned will be tested.   In the past, Walbro has had over 98 percent of returned pumps run on the test bench as OKAY.   Not all pumps will have the problem.   Any pumps that are tested to be OKAY will be returned to you.   This is NOT an across-the-board recall as far as I know.

Walbro engineering is trying to identify a timeframe when the problem parts got into production pumps.   As far as they can tell, any pump manufactured before the 2nd quarter 2008 should be okay.   If your manufacture date is before that, they currently don't have a clear reason to swap it out.

September 2008

We have been hearing of a greater than normal number of pump failures in the F20000169 pumps.   They aren't all failing.   We normally hear of 1 in every 1000 or so pumps with an issue; we're now seeing 1 in every 100 or so F20000169 pumps with a problem.  

Since the GSS340, GSS341, GSS342, and F0000169 pumps all have the same internals, Walbro has been focusing its research on the white, plastic inlet piece on the bottom of the pump.  

So... until this problem is resolved, APE will not be selling the F20000169 fuel pumps.

May 2008

Walbro increased its price for the FR Series pumps.   Our cost on some of the pumps went up as much as 65 percent. Plus, US Postal rates went up, again.   We had to adjust pricing on many items.

August 2007

We added a new, tiny pickup filter for the Denso-like pumps.   We added a couple new foam sleeves, too.   We have new models of FR Series pumps arriving all the time.

July 2007

We had our phone service through Sunrocket.   Unfortunately, they are no longer in business.   We are working hard to get all our phone numbers working again.   Please be patient.   Thanks

April 2007

We've had a few days of ISP troubles.   We hope to get them resolved soon.   If your e-mail bounces, re-send it until it gets through.   Sorry for the trouble.   If you can't get through, send e-mail to

January 2007

The in-tank fuel pickups finally get their own page - here

December 2006

Accufab recently changed their sales requirements, and we weren't selling enough regulators to get the best prices. When our current stock of accufab regulators are gone, we're out of the Accufab business

July 2006

APE has moved!

Our new address is:

364 Pecan Ct
Nevada, TX 75173

March 2006

APE moved its WWW site to a new server.   It appears that the domain didn't make the trip at first, but I think it's working, now.   If you have any troubles with this site, please call and report them.

Walbro is introducing a new line of fuel pumps.   In the next six months, they will be eliminating the 2000 Series pumps and the 6000 Series pumps. See this page for details.

August 2005

As of August 1, 2005, Walbro has implemented a charge of $40.00 per pump for warranty analysis.   This charge will be waived on any pump found to have failed due to a defect in material and/or workmanship.   See the Policies page for details.

June 2005

Walbro introduced some new fuel pickups.   Check them out on the "External" page.

Walbro just released a filter kit for the Marine Diesel pumps.   You'll find them on the "Series 6000" page.

July 2004

We added a 155 ltr/hr pump for some Ford applications.   See the "Techincal" page for a flow graph.   See the "Applications" page for kits available with that pump.

We added the adjustable pressure regulator to the Bellows pump page.   That part will enable you to adjust pressure between the pump and carb, or replace a broken regulator on a 2403 pump.

June 2004

Internet fraud has hit quite hard.   We are taking tough measures to help prevent this problem from happening again.   If you get an e-mail from us, please reply, or you may not get your parts.   If you ship to a different address than the billing address, you better have a good reason.   If your address verification fails or your CVV fails, you may not get your parts.

May 2004

We have been having troubles with Air Mail [lost packages, long delays, etc.].   Since USPS Air Mail doesn't offer any tracking, it is nearly impossible to find a package that is missing.   From now on, we will ONLY ship outside the USA via Global Express.   It's more expensive than air mail, but still cheaper than UPS or FedEx.

Check this page to determine shipping costs for international orders.

April 2004

We bought the last of the Johnson C030 coolant pumps.   The bad news is that my cost increased.   View circulation pumps.

March 2004

Great news for LT1 F-body [Camaro and Firebird] and B-body [Impala SS] owners.   The new high pressure 255 ltr/hr pump fits in the fuel pump module without cutting.   Check it out.

Walbro approved the earlier Impreza install kit for use in the WRX.   Folks have been using the GSS342 pump in the WRX for a couple years.   Now you won't have to search for a pickup filter.   Get yours, now.

Walbro introduced new OE replacement modules for many GM vehicles.   Watch for an application page shorly.

February 2004

Walbro announced new warranty processing.   Read about it on the Policies page.

Walbro discontinues the GSS340M and other parts.   Read about it.

January 2004

Happy New Year!
Make a dodecahedron calendar

I changed the background to white [was black], because several folks said they couldn't read the site.   I guess there are still a few browsers out there that don't like background color commands.

November 2003

Now stocking ATI ePod line of gauge pods

August 2003

Now stocking Walbro bellows pump rebuild parts

We just became Accufab dealers.   We should have adjustable fuel pressure regulators in stock the first week of September.   Contact us if you need any other Accufab products.

March 2003

Walbro just released a new high-pressure 190 ltr/hr pump.  It was designed for cars with smaller engines [sport compact] that need significant flow at high pressure [for N2O or blower].   The 255 ltr/hr pump was great on the top end, but was pushing too much flow at the bottom end.   Check out the flow information and applications on the in-tank page.

I have these pumps in stock... ready to ship.

Check out the external pump page for newly added kits for popular vehicles.

Please read our Policies

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